About Take Profit

Take Profit is an expert platform in which experienced traders offer their recommendations (signals) for investing cryptocurrency, and users can buy and use these recommendations.

For beginners and advanced users

TakeProfit provides professional traders with an opportunity to monetize their skills by directly selling them to their subscribers. Subscribers can earn income using the skills and recommendations of traders. To do this, subscribers get access to indicators of the performance of a specific trader — TakeProfit rating, average yield of signals, frequency of publications, risk level, etc. This allows you to make a rational choice within your market strategy. Such a tool is useful as for a professional, who needs fresh ideas, and for a beginner who does not understand the market trends and is afraid of being deceived.

Free and paid subscription forms

The free subscription form includes the ability to view the history of Trader’s closed publications posted with a delay and the number of published active signals. The paid form in addition to the possibilities of free subscription allows you to see active published signals of the Trader, follow them and make a profit.

No entry threshold for Buyer of signals

For the Buyer of signals there are no entry thresholds. The registration on the platform and the following traders do not require the presence of tokens on the account of the Buyer. For the Trader, the entry thresholds are set. The trader can carry out unpaid activities on the platform in the absence of tokens on a personal account — publish open recommendations (without the cost of subscription) in unlimited quantities. If the Trader decides to enter a paid subscription for his services, then it is necessary to open a deposit.


Investment recommendations on TakeProfit

With the help of TakeProfit, the user receives investment recommendations on buying and using cryptocurrency and other assets.

Such recommendations are generated by experienced traders based on expert market assessment, insider information and other sources.

The rating of traders published on TakeProfit is updated online 24 hours a day. This forms an objective picture of their performance.

Verification of ratings with the help of Blockchain

TakeProfit prevents fictitious overestimation of profitability indicators. Used Blockchain technology excludes the possibility of making changes to the signals proposed by the trader after the fact.

All signals are verified on the blockchain. It’s impossible to change or delete them without disturbing the overall integrity of the chain.

This allows to provide the user with the real performance of each provider of signals on the platform.

Prospects for the development of the platform

TakeProfit is the most simple and risk-free service for beginners of cryptotrading. Therefore, most of all new users of crypto signals will use TakeProfit.

By the end of 2019, TakeProfit expects to attract 80% of all unsatisfied demand, as well as to transfer subscribers of the key paid channels Telegram to its platform, together with their authors.

Through TakeProfit will pass 78% of all cryptosignals, while the proportion of signals in Telegram will gradually decrease from 18% to 2%.

In 2 years, the sales volume of signals through TakeProfit will be about $ 14 million per month. Commission of platform = 20%.

Minimum Viable Product Is created with funds
raised during the closed round

At the moment the product is in closed testing. Implemented:

Personal accounts of the trader and the user.

Registration of a subscription to a trader.

Ability to view the trader’s account and its indicators.

Sorting traders by rating.

Automatic update of the signal status in accordance with the current exchange rate on the indicated exchange.

Ability to publish signals and paid subscriptions to channels.

The opportunity to participate in the creation of a product

Token holders can participate
in product creation.

They are invited to participate in the open Sprint Review on the methodology for managing the development
of IT systems Agile.

All comments will be taken into consideration when preparing tasks for the next iteration
of the development.

This will allow all TGE participants in real time to monitor the activities of the TakeProfit team and the stages of product development.

The volume of the issue on pre-TGE is limited by the amount:

8 000 000 TP

Base price:

0.00025 ETH (1 ETH = 4000 TP)

The distribution of tokens:


TGE stage


(freeze for 1 year)


reward to the best authors




Bounty Program

The Take Profit team

Ivan Tumanov

CTO, back-end developer

I have more than 10 years of web-developing experience, and I know a lot about crypto. TakeProfit project looks promising.

Pavel Rubakhin

Head of product

Having experience in McKinsey, Gett and Trucker Path, I’ve always been on the cutting edge of technology. I joined TakeProfit to change the trading market, and I’m sure that our team will simplify trading for beginners and make it even more profitable for professionals.

Alexey Astafiev

Frontend developer

I studied graphic design, but became a developer. Previously I worked for Tinkoff Bank as a senior elementary developer. With more than 8 years of experience, I joined the TakeProfit team to create the most advanced product in the field of cryptotrading.

Alexey Kurepin

Backend developer

Experienced Ruby on Rails professional with more than 7 years of practical experience. I took part in creating exciting and well-known products for the markets of Russia and the CIS: Lenta.ru, «Vedomosti» and the largest on-demand cleaning service — Qlean.

Ilya Bovkun


The ultimate goal of man is to serve others and advance society through innovation. With a wide range of skills and experience in marketing and IT, I joined the TakeProfit team to materialize progress in the form of an innovative trading platform.

Daniel Feldman

Chief development officer

7 hard years of mathematical education. 2 wonderful years of selling cloud services in Microsoft. 1 chance to change the world of cryptotrading with TakeProfit. I fell in love with the product, and I want the market to love it the same way.


The main reason for the growth of the token will be increased demand for it from experienced traders and newcomers of the market. The number of traders is growing daily, but every newcomer needs recommendations in order to start earning from the first day. Offering our service, we will become an integral part of entering the market, and to use our services, traders will need to buy our token.

A large-scale marketing campaign will allow monthly to increase the number of paying users. Paid users purchase a subscription for tokens, thereby supporting demand. The team of marketing specialists with a successful experience of selling services by subscription works on the project. We will be able to maintain a constant demand for tokens due to investments in the platform advertising campaign.

The key to platform success is the unmet demand from both sides of the marketplace. Trading experts are looking for clients to additionally monetize their trading skills. Beginners and less experienced traders want to use the recommendations of experts to increase their income. Thus, in this market there will always be demand from both sides, which we satisfy with our services.

Why will authors come: we will offer authors a lower cost of attracting a subscriber and a reward for reposting their signals by other players. Under these conditions, every honest signal provider will open an account on the platform at least as a parallel channel for attracting.

Why will users come: the demand for crypto signals has been growing incrementally for the last six months. Only on our platform users will be able to test free of charge signals from top providers for 1 month.

To participate in the bounty program, you can do the following:

  • Active participation in alpha testing;

  • Publication of profitable signals on the platform;

  • Attraction of users and subscribers to the platform using referral links;

  • Additional ways of participating in the program may be announced later.

We are going to list our token within 2 months after the TGE. The list of exchanges will be determined and publicly announced later.

Yes, to do this, write a letter to [email protected] indicating your goals of use (selling or buying recommendations) and your current contacts for communication: e-mail and phone.

Under realization of pre-TGE and TGE, the purchase of a token is possible only on our website. All sales outside the platform we recognize as invalid. After the implementation of the TGE and IPO, tokens can be purchased there in exchange for other crypto / fiat currencies.